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Infinity Coin is one of the best exchanges for digital currency trading. She started work in 2017. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a high level of transaction security, a fast and simple system for trading Infinity and Bitcoin. On the platform, you can carry out a convenient exchange with a simple and intuitive site interface. Infinity is a new digital currency that allows traders to make fast and secure transactions through a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Anonymity of transactions with XIN is ensured. The digital coin is used by many entrepreneurs. The platform is used by over 481 traders. At the moment, the daily trading volume is ₿0.02 including 1 coin and 1 trading pair.

The advantages offered by the Infiniti exchange:

– providing smart contracts that automatically fulfill the terms of the contract in accordance with a predetermined logic.

-security of payments. Transaction protection is guaranteed by an escrow service, which holds the buyer’s funds until the terms of sale are fully met and the buyer transfers payment to the seller.

-Availability of decentralized regular payments, with the possibility of their termination at any time.

– additional funds (coins) as the main building block of the monetary system on the Infinity Economics platform.

– innovativeness of project financing.

-the ability to exchange assets for investment, asset transactions (purchase, sale).

– transparency of transactions, protection against counterfeiting, anonymity to all participants.

-Ability to send text messages on a decentralized blockchain.

Information about Infinity Coin is presented on the website

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