FORSAGE Project Promises Millions of Profits

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The Fast and the Furious project is an investment startup that offers beginners without much effort and cost to start working in the world of cryptocurrencies.

FORSAGE’s idea is to build a chain of referrals. Simply put, when the attracted user allows the line founder to increase his income with minimal risks. The initial investment can pay off after inviting one participant to the scheme. And then all along the same chain, where all subsequent users bring profit to the founder of the chain.

Among the benefits of FORSAGE:

-automatic execution of all operations on the platform through smart contracts.

-protection of funds and user data from leaks, hacks, falsifications. To gain access to the smart contract of one participant, hackers will need to hack all devices of the FORSAGE project participants.

– no delays in payments. As soon as funds are received, they are automatically transferred to the account available in the contract.

– openness of cooperation between the parties to the contract, without hidden commissions, hidden details.

-Lack of access of founders to accounts, accounts of participants, there is no single center for storing funds.

How FORSAGE works

The investor is given access to 2 investment programs at the entrance to the project: X3 and X4. He needs to pay for admission 0.05 ETH, and open two ways for the development of the referral program. Thanks to the possibility of opening each of the sites in twelve different variations, you can significantly increase your profits. The first X3 and X4 are purchased together, the rest can be purchased separately. For example, a user receives an income of 0.025 ETH for an attracted investor on X3 (1), and 6.4 ETH for a new follower on X3 (9). The development of the sites takes place separately, in parallel from each other.

The X3 program is a one-line platform with three places, where the first two are referrals and the third is reinvest. By inviting 2 followers, you can get access to 100% of their initial investment. One more – makes it possible to open a new site X3. Those who are invited to the circle can also form their own chains. And the founder of the line will already receive profit from payments on the “reinvest” position.

The X4 program has two referral lines, with two more. The superior project participant receives investments in the project of the first two invited partners. The profit comes from the next four participants. Partners invited to the project have the opportunity to open their own investment line. The line organizer also receives reinvest payments.

X3 can be completed faster than X4. But X4 makes it possible to attract more partners, and as a result, higher revenues. Profit in FORSAGE is related to the activity of its participants. If one partner has opened more sites, then he has a chance to bypass higher partners.

FORSAGE Development Roadmap

In the roadmap of the project, you can see the main goals for implementation by the developers until the second quarter of 2021. It also shows the expected income growth of the participants in the investment program. For example, for the 2nd quarter of 2020, the founders of the project expected to have up to 400 thousand people in their community.

In addition, the roadmap plans to launch a service for crypto-fiat transactions (Q3 2020) and a FORSAGE training academy and wallet (Q3 2020). And also, carrying out gamification of the platform and launching a reality show (Q4 2020), they intend to expand the community to one million people (Q1 2021), create new branches of the Academy in 23 languages ​​(Q2 2021). The creators of the project expect that work on the platform will help at least ten of its participants become dollar millionaires by the second quarter of 2021.

Benefits of the FORSAGE project

Since the beginning of its existence, the project has been hotly discussed by members of the crypto community and potential investors. Many have noted the following benefits:

-the presence of a low entrance threshold.

-the ability to recoup the initial investment by joining one referral to the project.

– accessibility for non-professional investors.

-low level of investment risks.

-automated process.

– there are no restrictions on the maximum level of income.

-User funds are protected through a decentralized approach to work.

-working of the project in an international format, openness for participants from different countries of the world.

Among the disadvantages of FORSAGE is the complexity of the technical design of the project. It will take time to understand the payment structures and operation of the site. Many users call the project a classic pyramid, assuming possible risks by accumulating investors’ funds and then withdrawing them into the shadows. FORSAGE even received allegations from the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in June 2020 over a pyramid scheme. The company was asked by the regulator to acquire a license to operate in the jurisdiction, but it refused.

So, what conclusion can be drawn.

-the cryptocurrency market today we offer different projects and FORSAGE is one of them.

-in this investment project can work

– non-professional investors can also work in this investment project.

– FORSAGE can act as a source of passive income with a minimum initial investment.

-the project has signs of a classic financial pyramid, although the founders deny this.

-Users, before participating in the project, must weigh everything and study all the nuances of FORSAGE.

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