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Btcexchange is a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform with a daily trading volume of ₿0.45 including two coins and two trading pairs. This is one of the most popular platforms for buying various types of cryptocurrencies, it is used by more than 6K traders to work. More information is provided at

Btc Exchange is the brainchild of the Lithuanian company Mistertango, which was opened in 2013. But after a while, in 2018, she became independent, while continuing to maintain a partnership with Mistertango.

Thanks to the close-knit work of IT professionals and financial experts, BTC-EXCHANGE manages to remain at the leading positions in the market and provide clients with high-level services. Among the advantages of the platform:

-high level of security

– transparency of work.

-professional customer support.

The exchange is not only a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies, thanks to strict adherence to the rules of the European Union, illegal transactions are prevented when working on the platform, so the quality of services is always high here. Platform clients can be assured of fast and secure transactions. They can purchase up to 7 different cryptocurrencies and enjoy a very competitive rate. The exchange interface is simple and easy to use.

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